just found out that Kiritapu is leaving kidsline
it sucks
going to hang out with sarah in the weekend
talked to miriam today
and to lily
like what the actual fuck we had a conversation?
how did that happen
we sat together in class?
we what?!?!
we played cards against humanity together
ok what?
no but seriously what the actual hell mate we can’t just act like the other person doesn’t exist for most of the week and then act like nothing happened
get your shit together this weekend because wether we like it or not there will be a conversation next week
also one of the cards against things was “when your man asks you to go down on him surprise him with *blank* instead” something along those lines
and i was like hey lily you should take notes she may have been kinda pissed but it was still funny
and to be fair i would have done that regardless of who she was with and they made jokes like that after they found out what brodie and i had done so ha ex-wife deal with it bitch


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