so the dude dude dude wasn’t there
im not sure if I’m happy about that or not like did i miss him or nah
his friends at least one of them spoke to me a little bit
lily hasn’t been talking to me which sucks
i don’t know what I’m going to do in art
i talked to bekah for fucking ages today like most of break all of blue and all of lunch like for fucking hours
kiritapu isn’t going to be able to get to kidsline tomorrow so i won’t have my shift then and instead I’m going to have it on thursday
with people other than finn
and not see finn
at all
or at least not until the training day coming up
I’m pissed I’m still sick I’m sad and I’m lonely
and someone has told or atlas implied to noah that i like him but i don’t even know anymore i just don’t want to lose the few friends that i still somehow have
life kinda sucks


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