(I wrote this waiting at the bus stop)
My ankles hurt my calves hurt my mouth hurts my foot hurts I should have peeed before I left I’m leaning against the tree
I don’t know if I want to see Nathan on the bus again today I know I do want to see Sarah but that’s not going to happen so fuck fuck fuck and maybe I’ll ask if she wants to hang out tv in the weekend fuck knows I’m not really gonna be doing anything
At least I don’t still feel sick from this morning it’s weird how peeed has three e’s
One side of my headphones stopped working today I think Lia just ignored me
Bus bus bus bus come on
My fringe is being a dick
My bus just went right past me what an asks like seriously dude I just missed the possibility of being on the bus with Nathan and seeing what was gonna happen there now I might end up on the bus with Sarah but fuck man that’s not on seriously now I have to wait fifteen minutes till the next hundred when Fuck you this is not ok like fuck you FUCK YOU YOU STUPID FUCKING ASSHOLE YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO STOP AT THE BUS STOPS THIS IS A COMPULSORY STOP HOW FUCKING DARE YOU
(and this is the bit I’m writing at home after work and shit)
i didn’t end up seeing any of the guys i usually see on the bus because my usual bus was an ass and went past me at a stop where its compulsory for them to stop so fuck that
at work i managed to get a new highscore on stack
i mean i only bet my last one by one but still its fucking a huNDRED AND TWENTY FUCKING FOUR
like hw the actual fuck did i manage that
I’m trying t start doing stuff for my art folio because I’ve decided not to do print making and do sculpture instead but i fucked up and hey I’m just chilling in my room instead


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