From Last Night

I didn’t manage to make a post last night I got home at like twenty to ten and kinda maybe forgot
I went to faultline and I ended up reading first after the guest poet which I was so not prepared for
I read the Finn one and they really liked it like they clapped loads and it was kinda overwhelming and then because of that good reaction I decided to read a second one which was the one about dad but cos that was a sad one and kinda depressing it didn’t go down as well and I know I maybe shouldn’t have read it but oh well now I know I can read two next time which is gonna be on the 24th
Yeahhhh definitely going to do it again and again and again and I really want to read the Finn one again but I have no idea where I can read it because I have nowhere else other than faultline
Maybe I’ll enter sublime rhyme again this year with it but then I dint really think it’s a well written one whereas some of the other may be technically better but it’s just a fun one to read
“So I’m weird and write poems about people I don’t really know and this is one of them”
also about the kidsline thing Felicity wasn’t there and i was at riccarton an hour and a half too early and i did all the things i could think of doing (i bought the plugs i wanted but I’m a dumb fuck and got 6mm when I’m only at 5mm and they don’t fucking fit)
and then i met up with Ben and we walked around a talked a bit and then we did eventually go into the building and we got our shirts and couldn’t log onto the computers but oh well
and yeah thats pretty much it for yesterday


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