the first thing i saw on facebook this morning was brodie’s notification thing that he was in a relationship
its great really
i mean that doesn’t hurt at all
and then lily and i had a bit of an awkward conversation and i think she felt a bit shit
immy was absolutely amazing though and made me feel a hell pf a lot better like she’s not even saying i should forgive them either of them even lily and that actually makes me feel better that just because she’s one of my best friend doesn’t mean that i need to forgive her
and yeah i don’t want to be a bitch to her or lose her but if somehow that does happen then she’ll have learned her lesson and not in a bad way not at all just like you learn from your mistakes
and here i am still defending her
they were both wrong to do this
but then would they still both be in the wrong for ignoring they feelings?
theres no answer for this
lily and i didn’t want to hurt each other we did anyway
they have each other now so fuck them
nah they’re just gonna end up fucking each other because i mean he’s a horny bastard and she would be too nice to say no
i still feel like shit though
not good enough for either of them
not good enough at anything at school
so angry about everything
hating the entire world
and all i want is for someone new to care
someone who doesn’t know about any of this who doesn’t give a fuck about the past
and who i can talk to as the current me and not the girl with boy issues and all that shit
i just want someone to care
but I’m hurt and I’m angry and I’m sad
and no one wants to be around someone like this so to fucking bad then


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