i love my life
like who doesn’t love having feel attacks in the supermarket
i don’t know how else to describe them like not anxiety not panic but feelings like feeling too much like the sounds are too loud like theres too much sound why are you breathing so loudly and even mum told me i was embarrassing her i the supermarket like do you think i can control how I’m acting right now? do you think i can stop myself talking and saying what I’m saying do you think this is fucking easy for me to even know whats going on right now my clothes were touching my skin and yeah i know thats how clothes work but i don’t like it i don’t like it i don’t like it what am i even doing theres nothing nothing nothing that can make me feel better but hey give me krispie biscuits and see if that helps get my ex to come hug me see if that helps but guess what it won’t cos he would be breathing too loudly and be touching me but if you could get him to message me back please that might help but you should give me krispie biscuits


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