Nothing Day

i had a weird dream
it was about Finn and some of the other kidsline buddies and yeahhhhhh…. weird things happened like i went into a bathroom at a school i think and had a shower for ages i think and then i came out and in the bathroom there was a double bed and i was told there had been a fire so they turned all the water off but somehow it hadn’t affected my showering… and then it was kinda a boarding school i guess and the people there were the kidsline buddies and we were going to watch a movie and yeah ended up with Claude and then he was explaining how he wasn’t actually married to the person on facebook it was just cos they had the same last names so they did it as a joke or something like that…
(and i still kinda smile a little when i think of the tokyo drift thing and damn you Finn cos i want to watch those movies now)
yeah so that was kinda a good dream after a while actually would be nice if it had some kind of reality to it though
also on the subject of reality
kinda had a bit of a reality check this morning cos last night Lily asked me how Brodie felt about me and because i didn’t know i messaged him and asked and then this morning i got a reply saying that he didn’t like me that way at the moment which was a bit like why am i making the effort to talk to you when i don’t like you and you don’t like me and the only thing we have in common is the past and we have no future
having said that when we talk properly again then we’re probably going to end up being really close and going back to things being good
i just want to feel like its actually over like either way i can move on or something is going to happen at the moment I’m just stuck even if its not on at the moment


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