ok so yeah we were in groups of three and that was good but then we had to do mock calls which we kinda failed at and it was stupid cos we didn’t really do it properly
in the first group i was with Jugal and Lauren which was fine we each did one thing but then we went off task and just started talking abut random shit instead
the second time we were in groups i was with Juga again and then Finn so yeah i learnt more about them and that kinda stuff… i don’t even know what my brain is doing half the time I’m alive
what the fuck am i on about
i drunk too much today
tomorrow is graduation
i also finished all my assessments which i was kinda surprised about
I’m drawing people for some reason and i did try stalk people on facebook cos i wanted to draw them but i couldn’t find them which i was annoyed at but fine sure whatever Claude hide from me if you want its not like it matters or that anything will come of it I’m pretty much not gonna see you again for weeks


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