Maybe Tomorrow…

…I’ll actually do something productive
because today all i did was sleep in till like twelve
(i like the word twelve I’m not sure why though… probably cos I’m weird)
and then sat on the couch reading needle felting and knitting and watching tv all day
i have such a great life impacting on the world and other people in such a positive way…
yeah so tomorrow Lily Jess and I are going to ricc for lunch and then go to inspirations where Lily and I were going to go last saturday but then we didn’t end up going because of bus times but yeah we’re all gonna go together and buy loads of shit that mum won’t approve of me spending money on but whatever…
and ill need to get a pair of 4mm tapers because the fives are bitches and that lady who was like nah you’ll be able to go straight to fives from threes was a total numpty
anyway i feel like a pirate today


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