Well It’s Saturday


i think cos i forgot and thought it was friday because I’m so very fucking smart
honestly i have nothing to write about except for the fact that I’ve tried to organise my life and totally failed and OH YEAH THAT TERRIBLE THING THIS MORNING
yeah so i said a couple days ago or something about having a weird feeling in my stomach and that something was gonna happen WELL YEAH IT FUCKING DID
i think its only like the third time its happened at school
the first was when i first ever got it
the second was i think at some point in year 10 (two years ago) and the third was yesterday
if you haven’t guessed or i haven’t remembered when i read this back later sixty years down the track when I’m old and senile and all this bullshit will hopefully have stopped by then I’m talking about periods
yeah that wonderful indicator they HEY YOURE NOT PREGNANT
well duh uterus i know I’m not fucking pregnant I’ve kinda not done ANYTHING REMOTELY SEXUAL IN TWO YEARS NOW FUCK OFF AND GO DIE IN A HOLE
cos thats what i felt like doing today
i thought for a bit that maybe i was gonna miss this month because its usually around the 20th 23rd ish whatever and now its like the ninth of the next month thats like two weeks ish late??
anyway yeah i though it had decided to fuck off for a bit like it did in year nine for a few months but nope it had other ideas BUT ANYWAY THE HELL OF THIS MORNING
so mum woke me up because i had to go do the work that i didn’t do yesterday because the teachers had an alcohol fuelled quiz night and i sat up weird in bed and then cos id slept on my side they way i have to for this week cos its the only way i can actually relax and not feel like I’m going to leak the fuck everywhere WELL GUESS WHAT FUCKING HAPPENED
blood got everywhere
except on my mattress which was the only good part of that
and now i can’t make my bed because its gonna hurt my shoulder and I’m probably gonna cry if i even try to because i hate my bed i hate my mattress i want my old mattress back even though it was a million years old and folded in half a creaked when i moved it was the one id had for as long as i can remember and i miss it and i hate change and even though I’ve had this one for months no i still don’t want it because it isn’t even the one that i asked to get cos i didn’t want this fucking pillow top monstrosity and I’m gonna cry again just ranting about this but yeah I’m gonna burn it one day


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