Sick Day

so i wasn’t at school today
i start most of my posts with so…
yeah no school which meant staying at home watching Kian and JC videos all day and being numbed into a slow and relatively painless death by obsessions…
do not try and take pff skinny jeans while in bed it does not end well
especially if you have a fucked up shoulder
i did have a small exchange if messages with the duck but that lasted like two minutes and i couldn’t help thinking things that i shouldn’t have been thinking because under the circumstances what we tend to talk about a lot is really fucking inappropriate
i mean its inappropriate the majority of the time anyway but thats just us
Lily gave me some really awesome advice that gave me some perspective on how i should probably try deal with my feelings for him
cos as much as i wanna be able to do the more than friends thing we just can’t right now like theres no way that could happen now or in the near future of about a year or so as far as i can tell so till then being friend is probably our best option but yeah we suck at keeping things as just friends so…
yeah so this is what happens when I’m alone and not with my friends and not talking to anyone i just think too much abut everything which on top of being sick made today pretty shitty
I’m going back to physio tomorrow
TO SEE JULIA!!!!!!! who i haven’t seen since she went on pregnancy leave so yeah its gonna be different guess and also its for my shoulder and not my knee
i feel some strange stirrings in my gut this is not fun i think i know whats happening tomorrow or the day after we’ll see if I’m right but i got this wrong last time so maybe i just ate too much or its the ice cream mixing with the hot chips… all will be revealed in time


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