Really Weird Fucked Up Dream

last night i don’t know what happened maybe id had too much chocolate?? i don’t know but me dream was insane like really fucking mental as is the most screwed up dream id every had… so i was in the army marines navy secret service whatever but i don’t think id been there long but i was doing this advancement course thing that was to become a lieutenant and id done the obstacle course and all that but then my commander or whoever came and brought me to outside a toiled cubicle and was like this is the last part of your test to face your greatest fear… so this is where it gets weird… he opens the door and like wrapped around the toilet theres this blue and white rabbit thats like an automated plush toy thing that would be at like chipmunks or something… all i can think is it wouldn’t look out of place in a five nights at freddie’s game and it talked…. i have no idea what it was saying but it was in a really scary voice and i was terrified….
and you think that was weird… yeah it gets worse…
i was a guy…
i know i know why the fuck was i a guy yeah i want to figure that out… still not the weirdest thing though…
I’m feeling really uncomfortable even trying to find the least weird way to say this
but that stupid voice and i just couldn’t but then i think my commander was being nice to me and maybe bending the rules a little because I’m pretty sure he turned the voice off cos i didn’t hear it after that
im gonna die and go to hell
one the voice was turned off i wasnt so scared of it and yeah i became a lieutenant and then i woke up i think and this is kinda raising some questions about my sanity
yeah thats about it


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