Easter… Kinda

it was also my uncles birthday party… so yeah we made cardboard cutouts into eggs or hens or rabbits and did some of a puzzle and ate and talked and played pass the parcel which i almost won but then rebecca did then had dessert talked more did more of the puzzle and went home… yeah it was pretty good actually as far as family gatherings go even though sam and kate were being stupid but then thats usual for them…

the duck has gone to the sounds for the easter weekend which means i can’t talk to him pretty much at all so that sucks even if i haven’t really noticed that much yet being at the party and stuff but yeah its gonna kick in soon that we’re not talking but i suppose if we can go back to the same after not talking thats another point in favour of us maybe actually working cos yeah I’m scared that we won’t after everything…. friday though friday night is the open mic night which both he and immy have put themselves as interested in on facebook so i don’t know how that’ll go… i don’t really do bros before hoes too well…

im so sick of my arm not working properly but i think i might be pushing it a bit more than i should because i just want it to be normal again i did manage to wash my hair earlier and french braid it so yeah not as bad at it was…


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