but now I’m crashing so it really fucking sucks
but anyway
i got a longboard
and went to Orana park
meerkats are great and so are otters and then like tigers and lions and
and then some dick decided he was gonna lean on the fence that it was clearly on the signs not to lean on it and take photos and shit and then she jumped at him and walked away
so he ruined it for all the people who could’ve had the chance to be really close to a lion
there were spider monkeys and also all the geckos and lizards and frogs and stuff in the reptile house
and kea in the aviary
and like other stuff
and there were gibbons…
I’ve fallen in love with gibbons… which is a really weird thing for me to say now because they kinda remind me of Calvin… like they were swinging across the ropes and climbing up and i was just like woah thats like uhhhhh…. yeah…
but like they’re amazing and i want one or to be one like they’re awesome
when we went over to the gorilla part where it was pretty much nothing outside but then we went inside and there was the gorillas who were huge and like hollywood classic movie thugs which was cool but not as cool as THE SIAMANG GIBBON WHO Was all alone in his own side of the enclosure
there was a hessian sack that he had and it had food in it and he pretty much just sat with his head and shoulders inside it eating…
i also talked to a kid when i was siting with the siamang and when she had to leave she waved and said goodbye to me and i said it back… i think the gibbon put me in a good enough mood not to hate children too much… and then we left
and saw like cheetahs and rhinos and buffalo and wild dogs and yaks and emus AND NONE OF THIS IS IN ORDER…
and when i got home i went on my longboard and fucked up my feet and now I’m just crashing and i want to talk to people and hug someone (gibbon or duck or not) and just feel better but thats fucking not gonna happen…
you Xd me again once last night… are you feeling better about this again or just better in general or what cos honestly i have no idea


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