It’s 12:25 So It Counts As Tomorrow

i have just watched one of the saddest and scariest and heartbreaking videos I’ve ever seen a youtuber make… its called my first tattoo for my first love and it was made by i think one of my all-time favourite you tubers Chris Oflyng
he does totally crazy stuff gets piercings dyes his hair wears amazingly colourful clothes makes honest and sincere videos and is real in a way that i can understand and relate to
and he got a tattoo
he fell in love with a girl and they became everything to the other they did whatever they could to be together and they were happy but she got depressed and tried to leave he spent all the time he could going to the hospital to see her when she was on medications and everything but love wasn’t enough and it was just going to get worse
he heard a quote something about love isn’t about possession in the way its like a flower its not meant to be taken and once you pick it it dies and he left her he broke her heart and he broke his own but you can’t fix something if its not broken
she got better thy grew up and he got a rose tattoo on his hand for her years later
he said maybe it seemed weird but i understand to me its like wanting the words on my ribs it means something and its always going to be there somewhere in your mind
so the hate comments on the video and people not understanding however stupid and insensitive they are can burn in hell because some things are worth remembering


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