so i applied for the kidsline buddy thing today like actually filled out the form and filmed and edited the thing
and it was kinda scary filming it in S5 with other people in there and i kept messing up and i think I’m gonna edit together all the bloopers and shit and put that up on a different account of mine and show my friends because why the fuck not… I also managed to get a new profile pic from the video so thats great and also gonna get and ig thing from it too cos WITH MY NEW PHONE NOT HAVING A FRONT CAMERA I DONT TAKE SELFIES ANYMORE
anyway I’ve sent it off to the people and got one of those auto replies but i didn’t get one for the written form so thats a bit odd seeing as I’m supposed to i may have just put my email in wrong…
im gonna send a thing to the people tomorrow saying i sent in the thing but haven’t received an email to confirm that the have it
so hopefully ill get them to see it one way or another
so yeah the dead jelly part was me going fuck i feel all gross and wobbly and weird and i don’t like this cos i did a thing and i don’t like it… yeah it sucked…

UPDATE: I emailed the lady for the thing and was like hey i think i fucked up and hopefully they can sort it out or i can resubmit my written form


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