Yesterday’s Shit

so writing a post yesterday didn’t happen and not that i have a good excuse but it was just a really crappy day
i broke my phone before i was even dressed in the morning and as a result i didn’t have time to put on eyeliner and i was late to the bus and also homemade dry shampoo is annoying as fuck…
i had maths for my first class and even if it did feel like one of the only classes where i felt like i knew what i was doing i was still missing the ability to go on my phone and check the time and go on instagram and snapchat and messenger… next class was art and while i usually enjoy it because its with my friends and doing art i hated it i hated what my drawing was like how i wasn’t working the way i wanted and it was shitty and Holly said she was putting them all on display in the office… and then i had lunch where i went to the supermarket to try get a phone and i did but i had to ask a lady where they were and then the one i was trying to get they didn’t actually have in stock and then the one i got after that turns out it doesn’t have a front camera it doesn’t vibrate at all the right times it doesn’t have all my reminders on it to write posts or watch tv shows or go to work or people’s birthdays it doesn’t have all my screenshots or all my saved snapchats or any of the photos I’ve taken or any of my notes and I’ve just lost it all… and i hate this new phone typing on it is shit and impossible and its small and something inside it vibrates or something whenever i move it and the screen is really bad and i want to kill it… i just want my old phone back… and not i don’t want to list all the other things that went bad yesterday because now i feel shit again so I’m just gonna write the actual post for today now


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