White Elephants And Faultlines

so i was supposed to write a rant post yesterday but yeah i kinda didn’t because i went to the faultline poetry collective’s open mic night i didn’t perform anything but I’m almost definitely going to next month because its not as scary as the other thing i did there like you’re not being judged or trying to win something you’re just sharing what you’ve written and hoping people can relate to it…
we got kinda lost and i had maybe changed my mind that i was going to read something but i couldn’t open my blog on my phone so i couldn’t
i also ended u talking to Brodie again yesterday and like idk whats going on with that cos i though i didn’t like anyone but maybe I’m just so used to liking him that i can’t even tell anymore and its really confusing and i wanna go see dead pool with him but he’s sick but being sick means he’s alive so yeahhhhh gotta be kinda happy about that in a weird way…
this is kinda being a rant post anyway…


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