Circus… Again

theres another new person.. Ben… i don’t think i really did much today but i guess thats cos I’m not even sure what to do… again like with school theres nothing that i really want to learn its all just kinda meh and i don’t know why I’m still doing it… actually i kinda know one of the reasons but its not really a good enough one and shouldn’t count… Kate and Emma gave me a lift to hagley again…. yeahhhhhh…. Emma….. who knows the things… well thing… that no one else knows… well no circus people know… we started doing some adagio stuff which i don’t really know how i feel about… like ugh… and i did a bit of lyra and i climbed on web which no one saw kinda yay but yeahhhh
WE DIDNT DO MINITRAMP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! stupidly happy about that though i know i should try or whatever but nahhh


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