Olympics Day

so… Jess wasn’t there and I kinda needed her…
Lily wasn’t there either so I kinda just hung around with people I’m only kinda friends with like Kat Immy and her kinda group and Emily
half the time Emily and I were doing cartwheels and stretching and weird shit like that and walking around and talking to people…
Immy went over to do long jump and i went with her and i hadn’t planned on doing it myself but i ended up doing it and got third…
my next event that was the only one that i kinda planned doing was shot put where i was planning on beating Jana again… BUT I FAILED… the one thing that i used to be good at i couldn’t do which was really horrible like twice or three years id got further than Jana but nope not this year so yeah… NEXT YEAR I WILL MAKE MY COMEBACK!!!!
so pretty much when i wasn’t walking or cartwheeling around with Emily i was sitting with Kat and Immy and other people and Noah… tend out theres some pretty serious gossip with that boy… he’s no longer with the girl but something happened with them thats along the same lines as what happened with me… i don’t know what it is and its pissing me off…daddy kinks were mentioned……… i also bit his finger but he can’t feel anything so its annoying… why the fuck did i bit his finger what the hell Hannah what is wrong with you???
and yeah then I did the gumboot throw which i was second in… and Noah make a joke thing about wow I’m actually good at something other than well something else and paewhenua is also in on the joke somehow…
there was also a weird little thing about maybe id done something other than what everyone else knew id done but Noah didn’t believe me…
so the gumboot throw my first throw was the best the second was total shit and the third was meh…
then we waited ages and ages and ages to do javelin and i got a good throw on my first try and then everyone else only got one that stuck on their last try so yeah 12m which wasn’t as good as in year none when i got the school year nine girls record which was 16m something…


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