I Can’t

so i did what i had said for ages that i wouldn’t do… and stuff that i said would never happen again and stuff that was just as bad and worse and I’m so disappointed in myself that this happened it just got to a point where i was like screw it I’m the only person this is hurting I’m gonna die oneway and none of this will matter…
but then theres that little issue of me not being dead yet…
and not i want like mouthwash for my soul…
probably bleach though… or ammonia or… fluorosulphuric acid…
i didn’t just look up strongest acid to find that
also id probably need to extract my brain through my nose like Egyptians did and then put it in a blender…
yeah I’m a terrible person and I’m gonna go to hell and life is pointless and nothing matters because we’re all going to die alone


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