Worker Bees

or not bees and not plural anyway
just a human who works
yeah me…
being back at work again… IT SUCKS AND I HATE IT AND I WANT TO BURN THE PLACE DOWN BUT I CANT BE ASSED BECAUSE ITs too much effort and then i wouldn’t have a job and i couldn’t go and buy things…
work involves cleaning things terrible horrible and gross
and talking to people terrible horrible and gross
and having to clean around people because i don’t want to do anything when they’re around like vacuum when they’re trying to have a conversation or something terrible and horrible and not really gross…
but moneys
it also means i can’t do anything with friends after school and i have to juggle it around circus and guitar (lol the puns)( die hannah die for your terrible sense of humour the the world should be rid of) which means i end up owing mum time of when she does it instead of me and also owing her time for driving lessons so things add up
also its always wayyyyyy too warm in there like bad bad bad because the heat pumps are set automatically and not manual controlled
i also end up procrastinating a hell of a lot because i end up finishing too early and thats terrible because then i have to do stuff like clean out the fridge and the worm food containers and the bins which make me almost throw up but mum makes me do it anyway
and THE TEACHERS HAVE WAYYYYY TOO MUCH ALCOHOL IN THOSE FRIDGES like multiple bottles of wine and like four different boxes of beer LIKE WHYYYYYY
I’ve been meaning to look up for a while the legalities of having alcohol on a school site
i looked it up and its pretty stupid as the schools all get to write their own policy on alcohol being consumed and sold
so i hate my job but I’m going to keep it because of the money


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