the first day back was hard
like really hard
partly because it was the most physical shit id done since last years circus class
i mean we ran around the hall like 7 times which sucked and i had the issue of having to get changed twice
there was also a new guy there who could do pretty much everything better than we could… well not necessarily everything but rolla and club juggling and it was freaky amazing…
it was pretty much like nothing had changed with everyone else like it had just been another week since last year and Calvin and i still made stupid jokes… or more accurately i made stupid jokes and he laughed at them… and we did web which I’m still terrible at and i did a front balance on my bad side and kate has decided that we’re going to maybe do doubles so we need to hang odd Calvin while he’s doing catchers on the web… year 8 me would have been dying… year 12 me was dying but we didn’t do it then but probably next week…
i also talked a little to chris about trying cyr wheel which would be kinda hard to find someone who would teach it and also yeah it would be hard…
and we’re just going to do all this crap next week


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