IEM (individual education meeting)

it was meh
like it wasn’t great like i know exactly what i want be doing this year everything is going to be perfect blah blah but it wasn’t as bad as what happened after
pretty much we just talked about doing a level one folio for art and a few of the other classes and i still have to fit in three other classes into the timetable except maybe the english one is ok…
I’m really not looking forward to going back
and i don’t want to go to school anymore because i don’t want to do classes i don’t want to see teachers i don’t want to catch busses i don’t want to do homework i don’t want to do NCEA i don’t want to do anything and i feel like crap
this has nothing to do with the meeting with Holly and more to do with the argument i had with mum in the car on the way home because i can’t find two or three classes that i will do in blue green and yellow and that she was going to pick them for me and then if she did that i wouldn’t go to them and i have to be grateful that i can go to a school with options and i didn’t get told what classes i had to do but it would be easier that way and how holly might have to choose those classes for me but she wouldn’t do that and be grateful i go to a school where i can choose what i do but i am grateful so don’t tell me how i am or aren’t feeling because you have no idea
thats the biggest argument I’ve had with mum in a long time a very long time because usually i just ignore her and now I’m in a terrible mood and i have no one to talk to this about because jess won’t talk about school stuff and i haven’t talked to the others in too long to start talking to them about this and there no one else so i am alone and i hate everything and i don’t want to go to school tomorrow or the day after that or friday or any other day this year and I’m 16 so i can just drop out


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