Just I Dunno… Stuff

so random shit because i need to vent a little
so i was awake for like almost 40 and i felt like absolute shit this morning it didn’t really help that i woke up at 4 (although I’m glad i did) and then found my laptop still on my bed next to me and i still had earphones in… i tustve fallen asleep while while loading the show and i surprised my it hadn’t actually fallen off my bed…
anyway a couple of nights ago i found out that someone had remade the teletubbies…..
how fucking dare they
why after remaking hi-5 like a million times and the wiggles a couple times and bananas in pyjamas and blues clues and a whole load of my other childhood tv shows and ruined them by the way how fucking dare they destroy the teletubbies
for a 16 year old i have very strong feelings about something for kids
it started more in year 6 than it did when i was a little kid with po being the nickname/code name for ben bowen and then as it went on in year 7 and then year 8 dipsy became joe hutchinson tiny windy became flynn greer and lala was either ben hay or fletcher allen i will always have a place in my heart for the teletubbies
and to make things even worse
how could they do this to the teletubbies whoever did this whosever idea this was…. well they’re just a bunch of wankers
Yeahhhhhhhhhhh…………… i have issues….
im also sitting my learners test tomorrow because i want to have it before school goes back and also before brodie cos I’m a selfish competitive bitter nasty bitch…
I’ve been knitting (in beginning to think I’m a 60 year old trapped in a 16 year olds body sometimes)
so I’ve already made in total a nelson dog (dachshund) and two wolves almost three camels a lizard a spider (that i made up the pattern for) almost all of a tiger and I’ve started a penguin and a possum (converting a lemur pattern) yeah I’m going slightly psycho…
also with making things i painted a thing for Lia’s birthday which is on the first friday back at school almost a week from today and its like one of those galaxy things even though its pretty shit and it has some of out inside jokes on it and like yeah its pretty much one big inside joke and then i wrote on the back but the pen bled a little and its kinda fuzzy… we also got a new tv kinda a long story but i ended up plugging in and unplugging it a total of seven times… but finally we have one that isn’t a box…
im not really looking forwards to going back to classes but i am looking forward to school and i have a meeting with Holly my homebase learning advisor on tuesday morning the day before classes start… also gonna be dying my hair half purple half green on saturday or sunday so peoples reactions to that is gonna be interesting…
I’m still tired and i feel like crap and i look like crap today too but hopefully things start picking up tomorrow even though i do have to start work again…


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