First Real Rant In A While

so I was gonna post about hanging out with Yashbir today cos we were gonna go see a movie but he couldn’t and we might do something next week instead but… I’m kinda scared about it now…
when we were talking at some point a couple days ago i think… he said he was going to be completely honest and that when we hung out with the other guys he had wanted to kiss me…
like fuck where was that even coming from? it had been like two years since we were together and that wasn’t even a notable amount of time and whyyyyyyy
and he said he had thought damn she’s pretty and how he didn’t really hang out with his exes and he might like me but he wasn’t sure and it was fucking with his head
and he kept saying sorry about it (sound familiar?) and i got to thinking about it like usually when something like that happens i stat to like the person a little but no that didn’t happen surprisingly… like i know things might change when we see each other cos things are harder to think through when you’re in the moment but as pathetically desperate for emotional validation by having a boyfriend of something i just don’t wanna go there with him… and I’m kinda proud of myself for that… and of course i told jess about it and her reaction was amazing and i love her for it “HOLY SHIT WTF I JUST READ YO PHOTOS LIKE WHATTTTTTT?????? damnnnn i need to take away ur internet and facebook away from you hahahahah but like WHAT?!” she’s the reason i can cope with all this stuff that happens and her advice is absolute gold because i was talking to a guy once who was awkwardly trying to hit on me in a shy and a adorable way and i sent her screenshots saying how do i even do this and she said send him nudes of course… she is a precious creature that one… i don’t know what id do without her…


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