Anxiety Post Part 2: Going It Alone

who even knows why I thought this was a good idea
so this part started wayyyy before everything else did meaning it was something thats been an issue for as long as i can remember and hadn’t started with the beginning of everything else although i think it did get worse…
pretty much what this is is me not being able to comfortably do things by myself like going into shops alone or being around people i don’t want to talk to without anyone else i can rely on being there
i think the problem is that i don’t like being alone with people i don’t know… like I’m fine with doing things if I’m by myself and alone but as soon as you bring other people into it i just get really scared and i just can’t do it
its like a paralysing thing that i can’t control and it cancels everything else out
there are some times though where i can do things like that time i went to the supermarket before christmas but then that results in a weird panic attack thing so i can’t win
there isn’t really a good way of explaining any of this and i hate that i hate not knowing whats causing it an not being able to get across to people why it just doesn’t happen for me sometimes
and i know this is short and crap but whatever


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