Ice-cream Date

today was the first time Ive seen one of my close friends these holidays… It was when I was going to tell Jess all about the shit that I hadn’t told her about and try to get it off my chest and tell her everything that happened on the Great Adventure with Yashbir and the boys… that only kinda happened…
We got ice-cream as planned… and then we got whipped cream and spoons and i got an energy drink that I SHOULD REALLY STOP DRINKING and then we ended up going onto the roof of the mall where the carpark was and sitting next to the weird little lift building thing and failing to stay out of the wind…
we didn’t even end up eating half the ice-cream which was a total waste and didn’t finish the can of cream either which was kinda sad… we did talk though which was good about the kinda stuff that used to go on here about being lonely and all the crap that i went through when i was at my worst as a result of the Brodie situation… it wasn’t as deep and meaningful as i had hoped like there was still some stuff that we didn’t talk about but also i wasn’t really in the mood to talk about it and we ended up talking about the Great Adventure day instead specifically about Owen…
after that we went and attacked pretty much every single clothing shop in the entire mall some of them twice… and i spent way too much money… a shirt and a dress and BATMAN BOXERS!!!! that i had wanted for ages for some unknown reason and 2.5 tapered stretchers because I’m stretching my ears (duh.. which there will soon be a post about) and a pack of gum for Jess and a bag of gross dutch liquorice for mum
yeah so thats the second social thing I’ve done this year and I’m not entirely sure if there will be something else these holidays that I’m gonna do but maybe… just maybe…


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