An Obsession

I blame this entirely on two of my friends… Cars… Specifically skylines… Im not sure exactly why this became a thing for me but it just did…
also I’m not really sure why skylines are my special favorite but they are… I suppose i kinda have a thing for cars with circular tail lights like like skylines or altezzas impalas corvettes i mean i dunno maybe its just a coincidence
but fucking cars like i remember i time when i had an 20 minute long conversation/argument when i was in year 7 about how cars were just things to get you from place to place and were stupid and theres no point in caring about them with this guy who disagreed… its the only time i really talked to him i think…
oh how things have changed…
thing is though is that when people are talking about cars I’m just like yup i love them they’re great but i know nothing about them at all… seriously pretty much nothing so thats awkward…


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