So Last Year…

The shit, both good and bad, that happened in 2015…
I bet Rebecca at monopoly for the first time. I started physio. Fwibs happened and then didn’t happen and I had my first two kisses of the year. I got my guitar. School started back and then I started with Jarrod and had my second ever valentines day. We skyped every day and it was perfect for a while. Brodie and I started talking again and that messed things up with Jarrod and I. Eventually I broke up with him and Brodie and I stopped talking a while later. I had a couple of guitar lessons before surgery on my ACL. After surgery I took a couple of weeks off school. I got a job cleaning at my old primary school. Jarrod and I still talked and we got back together. I dyed my hair red. I broke up with Jarrod again and we haven’t really talked much since. I started liking Noah again and got over Brodie more (he also had a long distance girlfriend in England) which was good. Became better friends with Yashbir for a while. I went to the steampunk festival in Oamaru and met David Lee and author who offered to publish any steampunk books I wrote. I came up with a plan to pass level 2 NCEA in 2016 then apply for a floristry course in 2017. It became more Lily Jess and I as a group. Grandma had to have surgery on secondary cancer tumours. I wrote a list of 16 things I wanted to do when I was 16. I helped out with the kidsfest circus show in the holidays and rediscovered feelings for Calvin. The day I turned 16 was actually pretty shit and a big let down. The day after my birthday I went to the mall with Jess and Lily and got my lip pierced. I wrote an article about the circus show for the yearbook. Immy started at school and was immediately part of our group. I started wednesday circus classes again. Made two gargoyles in art. Dad went to New York and gave me stuff from over there. I’d been having weekly meetings with Miriam one of the counsellors at school. I kissed Noah. Went to the formal but didn’t enjoy it that much and wouldn’t take any photos with my friends. Brodie and I were pretty much back together online. I watched the Penny Dreadful series. Got back into watching Supernatural. Brodie and I were over for a bit and then back and pretty much closer than we had been since we were first together. Started teaching a circus class in blue block at school for term 4.2. I started doing web with Calvin and Karla. Still seeing Miriam every week. Started contact juggling. Fireworks in Rolleston stayed the night at Immy’s with Lily and Jess. Brodie and I were doing the couple thing and it was close to the best night of the year. Then it was over. Made the wall of words mural. Dyed the bottom third of my hair red because it reminded me of being happy when I was with Jarrod. Jess’s birthday. Failed my learners test. Saw Creed with Dad which I loved and a few weeks later he Rebecca and I went to pirate mini golf which I won and managed two holes in one. Christmas happened which I enjoyed way more than I though I would. Breakfast at our place as usual then went to Aunty Joanne’s and Uncle Glen’s for tea with my cousins. I went on the trampoline which I never though I would do. We played pictionary and I won by one. New years eve I stayed up with Mum watching a movie then a documentary about the godfather of punk.
I want to say that I’ve learnt something from 2015 year, that theres some valuable lesson that I’ll take into this year and will make everything better but there isn’t really.
I guess if I’ve learnt anything it’s that no matter what you know, or think you know, when it comes down to it, theres only really so much your head can do to before your heart takes over and does whatever the fuck it likes even if it does mess your life up. Just pick up the pieces and make do with what’s left.


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