I lie a lot

lately everything I’ve said has either been a lie or the truth said in a way that makes people think I’m kidding
I’ve lied all my life as long as i can remember like all the time
i did try to make a conscious effort not to but it was just too hard and its just easier to not bother about it
i wonder if i took a lie detector test what would happen
i know that people who say they’re good at lying still fail at them but i don’t know if its cos I’m good at it its just that its kinda easy
i don’t even know why i lie half the time
well that was probably a lie but anyway
its kinda pointless but i do it anyway even though it would be easy to get caught in a lie i keep doing it
maybe I’m one of those people who lie compulsively and can’t help it
this post was actually a bit of a let down i was hoping id figure something out from it but i didn’t really
that sucks


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