My crazy supermarket adventure

i hate doing things by myself
i also hate supermarkets
i also hate food
i also hate crowds of people
i also hate christmas
today i went to the supermarket that was full of people food and christmas decorations to buy food for people as christmas presents
i almost died
so it was raining and i decided that a beanie and a coat would be better than my hoodie even if it was unfortunately a bit less emo
i waited like 10 minutes in the rain for the bus and topped up my card thinking i had 25cents left on it
turned out i had $9 and had just wasted 10 that i wouldn’t be using till next year
then i went to see how much was on my card and that was all good so i went to nw
i started getting a bit stressed as soon as i went in cos i couldn’t find the baskets right away and then i felt awkward walking through the whole fresh section with nothing in it
then i realised id left the list id written in my hoodie pocket at home
to be fair all it said was whiteness, peace, salted caramel, salted caramel, salted caramel, black knight and a couple other things so it shouldn’t have been such a big deal
i forgot half the things i was going to get which were actually the main reason i was going there in the first place
and i got a couple things that i didn’t actually need
i had no idea what was going on there were people in the way of everything i was trying to get to and there was a weird lady dancing around in front of the chocolate and i was scared
and then i had to figure out if i had too many items to go through the self checkout and i can’t do maths under pressure
but i did and that went ok
and i ended up walking home in the rain cos id missed the bus by a couple of minutes and i overheated and got a stitch
and now i have to go back again probably tomorrow so i can get the other things
I’m dreading it


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