I was followed home…

by a dog…
a pitbull I think and really friendly
i was walking home and she was running up and down the main road i tried to ignore her but DOGGGG!!!!!
And then she followed me home and ran around and around and around my house
eventually i realised that i should shut the gates in hopes that she’d stay put while i called animal management that was until she jumped the fence
and i also met one of the guys in my street
he has two dogs so she was real interested in his front yard and kept going into it the guy came out and thought she was mine and i explained what had happened after that i managed to get her back to my driveway but then she jumped the fence a second time and again went into his yard
luckily the guy from the council turned up then and she had a microchip and he took her to their shelter and hopefully she gets reunited with her peoples


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