I wrote this yesterday and reading it over again i sound like such an obsessive freak

circus boy omfg ok well fuck fuck fuck fuck the candlestick thing like the base lying on the ground with their knees up and the flyer puts their hand on the base’s knees and their shoulders in their hands and then does like a headstand handstand kinda thing well yeah i was a flyer for the first time in like FIVE FUCKING YEARS like not even kidding i was probably not even a proper flyer then but like i am not a flyer I’m a base ok i don’t balance on peole stand on people and shit but lisa made me today and yeah it was terrifying but yeahhhhhh Calvin based me and my hair went in his face and I’m very sorry about that like holy fuck you have no idea how sorry i am about that that was probably awkward as fuck for him but anyway yeah and everyone stopped doing their things to watch us and kate or lisa asked how it was or how it felt and i said terrible but then shit happened again the same candlestick i based that i based Calvin in that I BASED CIRCUS BOY IN CANDLESTICK which was kinda awkward cos he had an awesome (hahahahaha dies) view of my chest and possible down my top (I’m dying i swear) but like woah that point of view like yeahhhhhh…kinda felt like it was gonna turn into some kind of weird sexual thing…i hate my brain for thinking that… and again everyone stopped to watch us i dunno the best way i can describe it is like clash of the titans like we’re the tallest oldest bestest most mature people there an like ya know? it was like the epic connection between the two greatest forces of the group… man that sounds way cooler than it was but thats how it felt…. and i mean if you google image candlestick acrobalance move I’m pretty sure the first thing that comes up is what we did and I’m dying inside it was also he thought only the second time he’d ever been a flyer for something i don’t think so but like yah it had been a while for both of us like we are not flyers but yeah it was great


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