Apocalypse (guilt trip ensues)

Writes while apocalypse is happening
This will seem like a guilt trip
Thats not what this is supposed to be but its gonna sound like that cos im a needy little bitch
I need you
You keep me sane i cant not talk to you i cant go back to that awkward time where you never properly talked… what the hell am i supposed to do anymore because you kept my life together well not my life but me and made me feel a million times better about myself… and fuck you you love me… supposedly… so how can you do this? I want you to hurt. I want you to be upset and I WANT you to hate me cos that would hurt a hell of a lot less than if you loved me cos you’re not giving anywhere near of a good enough reason… i dont understand you like i do cos thats how i was feeling before but i dont feel like that anymore so why are you… i just feel too much at once… youre a liar you said you were there if i needed you of course i fucking need you asshole but youre leaving and ignoring me well youre going to ignore me because youre a coward and youre running away from your problems and i dont know what to do without you… i keep saying that but yeahhh i dont i have no idea… i dont know how i survived before you… but i guess you dont know something is missing till its gone and you are


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