Today and tomorrow and the future

its ok more than ok I suppose Chinese food went to circus got my gargoyle home my hair worked even at circus i’ve got the dye to re dye it before the formal i hung out with the guys today and even though all he says pretty much is ‘a whole wrench’ ‘nine inches’ and ‘thats impressive’ at least we’re talking i suppose also watching penny dreadful BECAUSE ITS AMAZING AND I LOVE IT AND I DONT KNOW WHAT ILL DO WITHOUT IT WHILE I WAit for the third season to air so things are pretty good at the moment even if we haven’t talked properly since you decided to try fix yourself and i miss you more than I’m comfortable with admitting… but then theres school again tomorrow and a maths assessment and i need to get the assessment sheet for science so i can do it over the holidays and i have to find something that i can do in art and english and media and blue and sort out life and guitar lesson and decide if I’m going to continue doing circus next term which is hard to even admit that i don’t want to do it… I fucking miss you ok talk to me……… please………


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