on privilege and bastards and privileged bastards

thats what my old school is full of now thats what those kids are the school play is on its the whole school in it this time rather than how it was when it was the 5678s who did it and its about the school what happened to cats or mid summer nights dream or the jungle book like they did when rebecca and i were there? i had to clean up the mess they’d made in the staff room too sorry i’m supposed to call it the staff lounge and there was glitter everywhere i mean this is a primary school production not a drag show so why the hell was there so much glitter? so anyway school play and in the car park i see audies a couple of mercs and a chrysler their parents would rather send them to school sick than take a day off to look after their child and i want to scream about how i didn’t mention how my ankle was swollen to mum so she wouldn’t worry and wouldn’t have to take me to the doctor and pay to do whatever needs doing to stop it hurting so much when i walk because i know it started hurting last thursday but because i didn’t do anything specific we can’t claim acc and it will be hell to try and afford to do whatever has to be done


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