Not So Sweet Sixteen

birthday was yesterday
i hardly ever post anymore
not really sure what to say maybe its because i have better
ways of coping now
it didn’t feel like my birthday
i got up got breakfast my great aunt called watched csi ny on dvd grandma called rebecca got up i kept watching csi mum came home later opened presents food mostly good food but its going to ruin how i was thinking about being vegetarian again out to afternoon tea with grandma and dad too i couldn’t get pancakes because the kitchen was closed and thats the only thing that i wanted grandma as usual gave me parts of the black and white dinner set and some money to go towards a guitar lesson i had no idea what the hell dad would get me but it was a plant a pink african violet that was in a white wooden bucket that has hearts cut into either side with a pink ribbon around it and glitter
oh yay me
im glad my father and i know each other so well ha ha ha ha crying through the pain
i watched the corpse bride that night and got really pissed off because the guy ended up with the wrong girl in my opinion

today though that was better i got my lip pierced yayyy and hung out with lily and jess and sarah and saw enna and jessi for a bit too and i got to meet jake which was cool cos i never got to meet blair and on monday i get to go back to school which I’m looking forward to and on wednesday whoohooo circusssss!!! and the people there specifically one person but anyway…


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