Fa la la la la la la la fuck

so for some reason
because i think it might help me sleep better during the week
im not gonna sleep tonight
ha im so smart
anyway twenty to three and i haven’t slept
to begin with it was cos i was up late watching tokyo drift again
then i didn’t want to stop reading my book
then i realised my book was perfect for an assessment I’m going for english
and then i got really motivated to do my assessment for media which was supposed to be finished like last week or something
then I’m not really sure what i did
like watched some youtube and stuff and listened/am listening to music
so i kinda failed at writing a bit on the Jack story every day but its not too bad like I’m not worried about it that much
i did quite a bit of research into army navy marines air force ranks and stuff for the steampunk story
i haven’t actually started writing it yet but yeah i know the basic concept and whats gonna happen which i didn’t really know for the Jack story
i went on the feed for the first time in ages and it wasn’t really as great as it used to be not really talking to anyone on there anymore
JAMES!!! man i miss that guy he was cool my awesome chocolate buddy who introduced me to hilltop hoods and like he was great i even wrote something about him
about him not for him
when i think of james it makes me think about other people I’ve talked to over times like well umm LEVI
i miss him too
he was the best like ahhhhgggghhh amazing he was
and like other people i loved talking to like yeah that one
So its been two years..
well it will be at like 9 20 ish today
i saw i had a notification on the feed and i got my hopes up for a little bit…
but really I’m grateful for our friendship
and I’m really proud of us to have gotten through all the shit we did and to come out of it as friends
congrats to us at least i know I’m happy
and you’re kinda ok??? maybe I hope so
we should talk more
also we need to get the old group back together cos ya know miss all you guys together
this is lots
i guess its all leaking out after a while
my letters to somebody is fun
its great
im gonna keep trying to do it


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