Again its been ages

Oh my poor neglected blogs how the must suffer… A new month… a five hour long skype call with Jarrod that involved awkward silences, not so awkward silences, a couple of winks (*hides*), me eating cabbage and talking about i can’t even remember… Yashbir also invited me to sit with them in maths and we stole each other’s phones he stole my pens and wrote on my book, just like old times… yesterday at the shabby chic market i found my boots the ones that i had in year 8 and 9 the ones that i loved well i found them again not the same pair but the exact same. I’m pretty sure i haven’t been paid yet for working at school and its getting harder to cope with mum being my boss and telling me what to do all the time i mean she’s getting older and more tired and sore and I’m still a useless ungrateful pathetic stupid unmotivated teenager. haven’t heard from Rebecca in a while like two weeks or something hope she’s ok but to be honest i hadn’t really noticed till mum said tonight. I’ve got multiple internals going on at the moment english science and one for maths coming up i got an excellence on my english assessment last term which is awesome and i probably passed my science last term too but matt hasn’t put the results up on kamar yet…


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