Its Been How Long?

i feel like I’ve just deserted my blogs and i feel sorry for them… i think they have abandonment issues… i haven’t really had much time for them lately I’ve been doing lots of stuff an i don’t have much spare time that i go on my laptop in i haven’t even really been going on my laptop at school either… I’ve had physio three times a week and work every weekday afternoon a guitar lesson on thursday afternoon too and because I’m stupid and stay up till one in the morning watching movies or youtube every night i end up sleeping till like lunchtime in the weekend any spare time i have after school or before I’m playing guitar reading or watching videos i haven’t even really made time to do any writing i also have an assessment for science due in a few weeks that i need to do research for so ranting on here is kinda not happening lately Blue Bean has stopped being so blue but i want to steal his wolf top because I WANTS IT and he’s given me a couple of back handed compliments about my hair the pretty one which i realised was the other one and meerkat stuck in a blender and remade as a human has disappeared also the mistake started talking to me a bit again… i really hope ill remember what i mean later on…


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