Freaky Shit

so on the suggestion of a friend i started watching the grimm series
its freaky shit
i man i can watch like multiple murder programs like csi and shit
like at least 4 in a day and not get freaked by dead people and murderers
but thus shit is – pardon the pun – grim.
I’ve watched 3 episodes and what do i have to do before i can stop being freaked and get some sleep?
i watch 2 eps of the i dunno if it would be called a guilty pleasure but yeah….
grimm is quite possibly one of the scariest things I’ve seen
but so far for each ep I’ve done a drawing
it kinda helps with the scary things
like having an excuse not to look at the screen
a wolf dog thing ep 1
a bear ep 2
a bee ep 3
this will continue if i keep watching the series
but 4 seasons I’m gonna run outta paper
hopefully no nightmares


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