He writes so well.
Makes me feel things with his writing.
Conveys emotion amazingly.
I dont know if I can go back there
I can’t do that to Jarrod
I love him he’s amazing and means so much to me
He’s bought me a necklace and is sending it to me with one of his guitar picks
He won’t show me it so it’s a surprise
He tried to make it so it arrives in time for the 13th
For one month
His birthdays tomorrow
Valentines day was good but it kinda sucked
Cos you know its the 14th
And that was amazing when I was with Brodie
And Fridays
With Brodie
And Yashbir
And now Jarrod
But Brodie
He’s so much closer
I think we’d try make it better than it was before
We’d talk more
But I don’t know if it would work
I don’t want to be with him just so he won’t hurt himself
I don’t want to tell Jarrod stuff I’m not entirely sure I mean
I would much rather break up with Jarrod
Ignore Brodie
Than have any of this going on
If I broke up with Jarrod now
Or any time soon
I wouldn’t end up with him
Just so you know
I just want Jarrod and I to go as far as we can
For it to end for some other reason than him
But I don’t even want it to end
Not right now


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