So Yeah It’s Been A While

ok so yesterday I had a 1-1 with Blair and I’m going to end up changing around some classes so I can do a better english but I don’t know what Holly’s gonna say about it because I’m going to change from one of my art classes so I can do it things went weird yesterday too I don’t know why but in art I just started feeling shitty and horrible and then it was worse in science and yeah just crappy Jarrod thought it was because I didn’t see my friends or cos he stopped talking to me for a while in maths but I’m not sure what it was Im not totally sure that i even ok at the moment also Brodie messaged me last night like i don’t give a fuck about of your concert and how great it was i already knew that because of your post but i did feel kinda bad about it cos I kinda wanted to talk to him but it doesn’t exactly work and then Noah decided to walk with me to the bus stop and talk about what happened with Yashbir and I kinda wanted to say that i didn’t really care anymore that id given up on ever being friends with him again but i didn’t also kinda wanted to say that i missed them i do but i don’t think id be able to start hanging out with them again he likes Amelia she knows and i wanna know what she thinks about it I don’t even know why i care


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