I Hate My Neighbour

a lot of hate but it is justified it is almost half 12 and he’s been having a party since this afternoon i can’t do anything at all i want to scream at him and his guests and what would that do annoy him and he probably wouldn’t care about a teenager telling him to be quiet the music has stopped maybe but that could be wishful – its back on they were just finding another song we always call noise control just saying the guy at 31 glovers road chch is an asshole and needs to have his speakers blown up and all his music destroyed and evicted or arrested or something they are talking so loud i can hear all their conversations and they’re all drunk and Jake (or someone) is a fart weed apparently and theres girls there now there never used to be i can’t sleep its useless i cried a bit i just felt so pitiful and i couldn’t do anything it was about the time they turned the music up i think someone left they said something like that maybe and i don’t hear the girls anymore but i think they’re in the spa thats why they’re talking so loud all i can do is write blog posts plan his demise and go look at new york in google maps someone did leave they said have a good one they’re quieter now but still playing music and drinking he has too much money too much time and too many neighbours why not call noise control because we always do always why can’t the other people do it theres at least 5 other properties where they could hear him i hope they choke on their alcohol


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