Get The Hell Outta My Head You Ass – turned out some of it saved

ok that title sounds kinda wrong anyway having flashback memories of when Noah told me he liked me sucks like ugh i can’t even HE HELD MY HAND and damn it i wasn’t nervous as first fucks but he held my hand and yeah i liked him holding my hand yes id like him to do it again but fuck him because we had been talking about when Seth was pretty much tapping my boobs that i didn’t care I mean come on its Seth!! it didn’t mean anything and it wasn’t in a sexual way like we have this thing like he’s my son and no way is it anything more and then On the bus Noah held my hand and touched my leg and now I’m having flashbacks and it sucks balls and then he told me he liked me and then when i got home he said he liked another girl more… he liked me at the start of year 9 too i liked him at the same time too but his girlfriend had just broken up with him and well yeah i wasn’t gonna tell him i liked him (keeping with how id treated all my primary school


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