Mall Trip Yesterday

Well I don’t think I’ve ever spent so much in one day in so many places… I might’ve but thats beside the point… I now owe Jess like $20 from when we went to Lovisa and bought jewellery (a ring, bff wristbands [Jess has the black one, I have the green one, I gave Rebecca the orange one, Jess is giving Loghann the blue one and we’re going to give one to Lia and one to Kitty]) and I got a card of 20 pairs of studs and Jess got a pair. I got an ice-cream and a belgian log from the chocolate lounge because Loghann was working there at the time but when we went back to give her the wristband she was too busy. Also I got a blue shirt I don’t remember where from though I swear we went into every clothing shop at riccarton like seriously every single one… it got a bit annoying after a bit like they all pretty much had the same stuff and I hated most of it like how many pairs of ugly shorts can you look at before you want to puke? To be honest this was the first time I’ve been to the mall with a friend for a reason other than to watch a movie (except when I went with Brodie but that was different we used the movie as an excuse but anyway fuck him) it was kinda fun though even if I’m not exactly sure what we talked about except Jess was saying about her brother’s birthday and I told her that she should just text him on the da and ask what she wanted (he did that on her birthday) Oh!! I got Rebecca a birthday present too! Its a necklace with a capricorn symbol on it, I wrapped it up and stuck it under the christmas tree (we still have it up like why??) she saw me do it too. Reading the road code is boring… the only upside is that the main car in it the blue one? its a Skyline like whooooooooo it doesn’t specifically say its a Skyline but I just know… ugh off to cook lunch… its not too bad i think i actually like cooking even if cooking programs are sent straight from hell to torture me……


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