having weird dreams as usual

so last night i dreamt about saving this boy from falling into this crocodile enclosure at some park/pier/zoo place and then when i tried to give the kid back to his dad he didn’t wanna take him with him and he like kept leaving him behind with me and i think i ended up adopting him and yah so i ended up acquiring this little boy and then the night before that i dreamt about being back in miss mcleod’s class and then i was almost falling asleep in class and liv was there and then we went outside and oscar was there and yashbir maybe and then the guy with the beard who was a student teacher at UPT at the end of the year and i held hands with him and oscar and some other guy and we walked/skipped/ran around the edge of this field and the Fletcher was there too and he was staring at me and i think he said something and he was a goalie for a game of football? aaaannnnddd then the night before that i dreamt about this guy *gets phone* (i wrote it on there cos i couldn’t reach my laptop and it was a good dream) this is exactly what id written on my phone: there was this guy mer? he swam like a fish and i loved him (*the fuck was i thinking*) we were at this bay and i went into the water and i couldn’t find him and then he was swimming around me/my legs (*i think i was standing chest height in the water*) whatever and i put my hands out wanting to be with him wanting to touch him (*come on seriously why? I’m not like that(ok maybe a little) and in the water? why i can hardly swim*) let him know i knew he was there that he was teasing me he grabbed my hand and then he was standing and i had my legs wrapped around him (* id never do that to anyone ever*) and i buried my face in his shoulder (*miss being able to do that*) he had dark brown hair and i have this one memory of him swimming away and he had a beard with dreads but he didn’t in any of my other dream bits there were other parts too like we were standing on the shore and watching my little sister (rebecca how why was she suddenly like 5) play in the water with loads of other people around and and then this other one where we were standing by the chicken coop and there was a rooster in there and it clucked and jumped in time with the music that was playing and then this guy came to pick him up and take him home…… ok so what really pisses me off is that i never know the names of the people in my dreams like the swimming boy and the kid i acquired theres been like once that I’ve remembered where I’ve known the name of a guy in my dream who id made up and it was carter ryder or rider not sure of the spelling…… so i wonder what king of fucked up dream I’m bona have if i sleep tonight


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