hey hi sup I’m crazy i need to sleep but like I’m too awake and shit I’m weird sending poems to people at midnight I’m such a smart one looool i feel drunk or high but really i don’t know what either of those feelings are like and its only in my brain well only in part of my brain like its not like my body is going along with this nope ok you probably muted me or don’t care or yah I’m just getting ignored loool what if it turns out that you’re checking my blog whoop crazy shit right there cos ya know rant about feelings and being alone and shit yah thats how life goes but then whoop crazy me comes along and goes nah you aint gonna know whats going on cos ill come and piss on all your expectations and yo won’t know what the fuck just came and hit ya ya feel me? but nah don’t feel me ya creep cos we past that shit and only two people can feel me but ones not really a person he’s a little shit hobo of dung yup dung yo heard me and the other one won’t feel me cos he’s a dummy and ugh I’m not being ignored I’m just being insane i have regrets little ones mostly but a few bit ones like i dunno but a little one is asking that question that id wanted to ask ugh yup it was obviously not subtle well played crazy one well played


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