I Need To Stop Dreaming

i dreamt about Brodie and it sucks. there was all this other stuff happening in the dream first about having to move into this massive house because we were like orphans or something but we weren’t os mum was there and i had been arguing with her. so Brodie came in the end of it… yeah i ono theres a chance of him seeing this i don’t really care anymore he doesn’t really seem like a real person anymore like yeah a few texts and messages at a time but like when i see him in person he practically ignores me and shit… so he comes a the end of my dream and he’s sting like he wants me back (grr) and i know he’s still with Her and he doesn’t deny it and he kisses me (fuck fuck fuck) and (that was swearing by the way not a reference to sex like nope no way not with anyone especially not with him anymore) it wasn’t like how we used to kiss it was different and i remember thinking that kissing her had made him a worse kisser… now thats reminding me of how gareth and i had been talking in paknsave about yashbir and kissing and boys and my problems and shit, it wasn’t just in paknsave it was pretty much the whole time we were at the movie and waiting for the bus and shit like that… i can’t exactly remember and i don’t know if i dreamt this or not but there was something about what it would be like to be Noah’s girlfriend, i don’t even know it would be weird and strange and screwed up cos i don’t know i don’t know i dont know i kinda wanna know who he likes he told Brodie (see he finds his way into m life even now) that he liked someone other than zoe which is good but then Brodie said that he didn’t know who it was… I’m finding that kinda weird cos i could see that they’d talked after he’d asked who aaaaaand I’m over thinking things i can’t help it its what i do… SOUR LOLLIES!!! CRAVINGS NEEDS THEM NOW!!! cos i couldn’t find them at kmart when i was there with gareth and i need them and i have to have them now!!!!


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